Climate Vandals

The one group that above all others is blocking serious action to remediate global warming is the fossil fuel industry. It comprises coal, gas, and oil companies desperate to protect their profits, regardless of the cost to future generations, our young and yet-to-be-born, who will bear the dreadful consequences of their selfish policies.

They directly influence politicians and the media with large financial contributions, as well as spending huge sums on lobbyists, think tanks, and other groups. In 2000-2016, the industry spent nearly US$2 billion on lobbying to kill climate laws. This year, a secretly-recorded video showed an Exxon lobbyist admitting the company joins “shadow groups” to stop climate policy. In that video, the now-former lobbyist also bragged that Exxon had successfully lobbied Democratic and Republic Senators to remove climate provisions from the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

They can't be trusted to take the actions they claim will ameliorate their detrimental effects. According to an internal email obtained by Bloomberg,

"Exxon Mobil has been planning to increase annual carbon-dioxide emissions by 17 percent by 2025 — equivalent to about the output of the country of Greece.

And that’s not even the whole picture, as it only reflects Exxon’s own operations as an oil company — not the emissions hit from millions of customers burning fuel.

The real climate change impact would be about five times the company’s estimate, as Bloomberg reports, amounting to about 100 million tons of additional carbon dioxide."

This is total vandalism.