Everyone Can be a Publisher with POD Books

Reprinted from The Conversation:

Shelf Promotion: how everyone can be a publisher with print-on-demand books

By Zoe Sadokierski, University of Technology, Sydney

This is the second in my series of articles on print-on-demand and the growth of independent publishing in Australia. It explains the value of print-on-demand services for writers who want to self-publish a book.

Writers generally choose to self-publish because it’s difficult to find a commercial publisher in a highly competitive market. Without the backing of a commercial publisher, writers must manage […]

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Former Bestselling Author Revives Career

Back in 1989 — long before the rise of self-publishing — [Eileen] Goudge published her first novel, Garden of Lies with Viking Books. It went on to become a New York Times bestseller that shipped over a million copies and was published in 22 languages. “I was riding high, touring the country, doing book events, being interviewed by major newspapers, and appearing on TV talk shows,” says Goudge of her early success. And she continued to garner six-figure advances — […]

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Cli-fi, the New Genre

“A frail risk analyst rediscovers his inner frontiersman in a devastating flood that hits Manhattan; an insightful rural woman glimpses the grace of god in the revelations of biological science; genetically engineered hominids who purr themselves to wellness inherit a devastated Earth.

All of these plots belong to the genre of “cli-fi”. Which is to say that climate fiction is anything but predictable – which makes sense, given the unprecedented changes it attempts to address.

Cli-fi is the latest literary genre – […]

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How to be a Bestselling Author, Simplified

“If you’re writing because you hope to make money at it, perhaps view it as a better way of doing so than your day job, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, IMO. If you write because you have a burning desire to tell your story better than it could ever be told by anyone else, that’s why you should write. If you have that desire, and you apply yourself, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, constantly strive […]

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The Pricing Sweet Spot of Books

“Does it seem arbitrary – the various prices publishers attach to books as their list prices?

It’s not. Those prices are closely calculated, low enough to find acceptance among buyers, high enough to ensure that the publisher won’t lose money on the book. In that tension, in what is a small financial space, is where you find most book prices.

If you’re publishing your own book, setting a list price, the standard sales price for “end buyers”, is one of the unavoidable […]

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