Strange Word 2013 Omission

Until and including Microsoft Office 2010, Word enabled you to retain the Spacing before value in a paragraph style that included a Page break before, typically Heading 1. This enabled you to start a chapter part way down a page. The only requirement was to go to File > Options > Advanced > Layout Options and select Don’t use HTML paragraph autospacing.

In Word 2013, this option was removed, meaning all chapters except the first now start at the top of a page.

The easiest way round this limitation […]

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Slow Opening of Folders

A problem I’ve had since moving to Windows 8.1 (I skipped 8.0) is that Explorer can take a while to open the folder I click on. It turns out that the problem goes back to the days of the infamous Vista, when Microsoft decided to optimise folders according to their contents. To get round this issue, you need to select the folder, right-click to choose Properties, and click Customise. You will see a dropdown list headed Optimise this folder for:

The options for […]

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Office Add-ins

I mentioned in my Memory Hogs post that Outlook’s add-ins were giving the CPU a hard time. A similar problem occurred with Excel, in that it took a while to load. Again I deselected the add-ins I don’t use, and the problem went away.

I did the same with Word and PowerPoint, though neither seemed affected, but why load memory with processes if you don’t need

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Memory Hogs

After building my new system I noticed the CPU usage was typically approaching 50% while the system was idle. This was a concern because it generates unnecessary heat which in turn affects the CPU’s life span.

It was easy to identify the culprits: Microsoft Outlook 2013 and TrueImage Sync.

I didn’t need Sync, so I disabled that process. Outlook, though, seemed more problematic. I found the answer by Googling.

The problem wasn’t Outlook per se, but its add-ons.

The problem with add-ons has two […]

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