Madam, MBA’s Availability

There are Kindle and ePub versions and two paperback versions (but only their version on Amazon). The Ingram-Spark version is available from Book Depository and other online booksellers.





ePub: (as an example).

Paperback from Ingram-Spark: (as an

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Well, sort of. More accurately, self-published. I’m waiting for the proof copy to confirm that it’s saleable, though I’m not expecting problems.

The next step will be to find out which outlets will stock copies. The printer, Ingram Spark, has offered to promote it for me, and I may take it up. There are both ebook and paperback versions, and the markets include Australia, UK, US, and Canada.

Now it’s ready for sale, I can begin to focus on the next novel, Hostage to Fortune, […]

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Rear Cover

The rear cover of the paperback edition:

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Rear Cover Blurb

When Maria Russo goes into hospital, her daughter, Gina, a newly graduated Harvard MBA, agrees to stand in for her at the Casa Rosa bordello, but she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for.

Daniel Bouvier, cadet reporter with the Daily Monitor, also has no idea where his first stint at investigative journalism will lead after spotting his old friend unexpectedly leaving Casa Rosa.

Soon both are caught up in a David and Goliath struggle, as Gina battles a powerful […]

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Act 1, Scene 1

This is the opening scene in Madam, MBA.

(Revised 9 April 2015.)

Maria Russo hauled down the roller door, locked it, and passed the car keys to Gina.

“Hang on to these, you’ll need ‘em.”

“Not for long, I hope.”

Gina dropped the keys into her handbag and smoothed down her skirt. She hadn’t worn her navy blue business suit since she’d worked at the bank. Thankfully it still fitted after two years.

Her mother set off round the corner into Tolley Street and she started after […]

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