Cli-fi, the New Genre

“A frail risk analyst rediscovers his inner frontiersman in a devastating flood that hits Manhattan; an insightful rural woman glimpses the grace of god in the revelations of biological science; genetically engineered hominids who purr themselves to wellness inherit a devastated Earth.

All of these plots belong to the genre of “cli-fi”. Which is to say that climate fiction is anything but predictable – which makes sense, given the unprecedented changes it attempts to address.

Cli-fi is the latest literary genre – […]

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Permalink is a Strange Creature

I’m told I should use post names in the URLs for this site instead of the default setting of /?p=123. 

Before trying it on a live site, I thought I’d better test it elsewhere first. I have a test site on my PC running in a wamp environment. It was set up with the default permalink. I’ve changed it to /postname/, /%postname%/, and /%category%/%postname%/, and when I click a post title it shows the correct URL in the title bar, but it […]

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