13 Worst Office Jargon Phrases

 “The Plain English Campaign says that many staff working for big corporate organisations find themselves using management speak as a way of disguising the fact that they haven’t done their job properly. Some people think that it is easy to bluff their way through by using long, impressive-sounding words and phrases, even if they don’t know what they mean, which is telling in itself.

Furthermore, a recent survey by Institute of Leadership & Management, revealed that management speak is used in almost two […]

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How to be a Bestselling Author, Simplified

“If you’re writing because you hope to make money at it, perhaps view it as a better way of doing so than your day job, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, IMO. If you write because you have a burning desire to tell your story better than it could ever be told by anyone else, that’s why you should write. If you have that desire, and you apply yourself, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, constantly strive […]

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The Pricing Sweet Spot of Books

“Does it seem arbitrary – the various prices publishers attach to books as their list prices?

It’s not. Those prices are closely calculated, low enough to find acceptance among buyers, high enough to ensure that the publisher won’t lose money on the book. In that tension, in what is a small financial space, is where you find most book prices.

If you’re publishing your own book, setting a list price, the standard sales price for “end buyers”, is one of the unavoidable […]

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Surprise Ending

I dragged up an old story of mine, 2000+ words, from the darkest regions of my filing system yesterday and began re-reading it. I realised I’d forgotten how it went and became so engrossed in it that when I was interrupted I stopped reading with some reluctance. A good sign, I thought, I can’t wait to find out how it finishes.

It didn’t. The closing paragraphs were never written. I must have lost the thread or something. Fortunately, I have a […]

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The Snake That Sneezed and Sneezed

This is a children’s story that was published in Health Matters (Patient UK, 2008).

A mouse was scurrying through the jungle when – “Atishoo!” – he found himself lying on his back. As he scrambled to his feet, he saw a snake staring at him with sad, watery eyes.

“Sorry,” sniffed the snake. “I can’t help it. I just can’t stop – Atishoo! – sneezing.”

The mouse picked himself up off the ground again. “You should do something about it, then. You could […]

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Overseas Software Suppliers Still Ripping Us Off

For all the government inquiries into price gouging by overseas software companies, nothing has changed.

I wanted to upgrade Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro today to the newly-announced Version 7. The US price was $45. When I tried to buy the downloaded upgrade, I was directed to the Australian page, where the price was $70, even though at current exchange rates it should be less than $48.50.

There’s no excuse for this. It’s out-and-out price gouging.

I forewent the upgrade.


I later upgraded at what […]

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