The Bantam

I’ve not been to a funfair since I was a ten-year-old in Sydney. Now here I am, twelve years later, in a Queensland country town reliving the excitement and near bewilderment of that occasion as Gary and I follow Frankie into the annual fair.

We are immediately assailed from all sides by throbbing diesel engines, rock ‘n’ roll music, screams from the Steamboat, the Ferris wheel, and the reckless dodgem cars. The smell of diesel competes with fried onions and frankfurters […]

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Editing and Proofreading Software

I use two programs for checking my writing after I’ve carried out visual proofreading. They are PerfectIt and SmartEdit. They do similar jobs, but are different in application. For example, PerfectIt is better for technical material, while SmartEdit is geared towards fiction.

 PerfectIt is a Microsoft Word add-in. It works well with documents that require consistent abbreviations, acronyms, hyphenations, capitalisation, spellings, compound words, and so on.

It costs US$59 for the Standard version and the Professional version is US$99. The licensed user can […]

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My Notorious Life: Kate Manning

In 19th-century New York, Ann Trow Lohman became a notorious midwife and abortionist. In doing so she attracted the attention of Anthony Comstock, the self-appointed guardian of public morality, who railed against contraceptives and questionable literature. He had himself appointed as a special agent of the United States Postal Service so that he had a mandate to arrest those he suspected of immorality. He became her nemesis. Though she grew rich and influential, he eventually trapped her, leading to her […]

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