Solomon Northup: 12 Years a Slave

I’ve not seen the film, but if it’s faithful to the story it’s based on, then it must make for harrowing viewing.

Written in 1853 after regaining his freedom, the book records the kidnapping, enslavement, and eventual release of Solomon Northup, an African American who was a free citizen of New York. Northup was an educated, sober, and capable individual, married with three children, when he was tricked by two white men into journeying with them to Washington. There he was drugged and put into […]

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Word Web Pro

Word Web Pro is a program I’ve used for as long as I can remember. It’s a combined dictionary and thesaurus and sits in my system tray, ready for any query I might throw at it. However, it’s real strength is its ability, when I highlight a word and click the system tray icon, to pop up a definition and a list of synonyms. For a writer, that’s invaluable. The basic version is free. I have the Pro Bundle version and for A$69 I get […]

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Salooners’ Books

Three of my Salooners group have had books of excellent short stories published. They are:

A Documentary About Sharks by Gavin Broom.

The Upside-Down Jesus and Other Stories by Karen Jones. 


Somewhere to Start From by Dan Purdue.

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